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...2017 TRANSPORTATION GUIDE FOR RIVERSIDE COUNTY CALIFORNIA is HERE   ...Public Transportation Services   ...Special Transit   ...Nonprofit Transportation Services  ...Greyhound Bus services, Metrolink, and Taxi services   ...ALL IN THE TRANSPORTATION GUIDE FOR RIVERSIDE COUNTY CALIFORNIA, published by the Independent Living Partnership in Collaboration with the Riverside County Office on Aging, Aging and Disability Resource Connection with Measure A funding support from the Riverside County Transportation Commission and the Riverside County Aging and Disabilities Resource Connection   ...Paid Personal Services and available Non-Emergency Medical Transport services  ...ALL IN THE TRANSPORTATION GUIDE FOR RIVERSIDE COUNTY CALIFORNIA   ...Including special articles about the importance of personal transportation planning and how to get the ride that's right for you    ...Travel Training, restricted licensing from the DMV, self-rating of your driving status and tips about how to be able to continue to drive longer's all in the TRANSPORTATION GUIDE   ... ...CLICK TRANSPORTATION GUIDE BELOW FOR IMMEDIATE FREE ACCESS .....   ALSO, you may want to BROWSE THE ARCHIVES OF MEETING THE CHALLENGES FOR ARTICLES ON MANY, MANY IMPORTANT SUBJECTS OF INTEREST  .....ALL FREE AND COMPLIMENTS OF THE INDEPENDENT LIVING PARTNERSHIP .............

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TOOLS For Independence newsletter  - A valuable source of information on all kinds of assistive technology....Everything from simple low-tech gadgets to sophisticated high-tech devices. 

Cats and Seniors from the American Humane Society - Cats make great companions

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