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Business, Financial News

CNN Business


Wall Street Journal

Entertainment News

Entertainment Tonight Online

MSN Entertainment

News of the Weird

Earthquake News

World Wide Earthquakes


Health News

1st Headlines

News Directory

Links to a wide variety of on-line magazines on many subjects, including men and women's health, fitness, prevention, nutrition, lifestyle, hearing health and disability.

Local News

The Californian 

The Desert Sun

Idyllwild Town Crier

Inland Empire Today

The Press-Enterprise

The San Bernardino Sun

The Valley Chronicle (Hemet/San Jacinto/Winchester/ Valle Vista)

National, World News

1st Headlines

ABC News 

BBC News

CBS News

CNN News 

Fox News

Indian Country Today

American Indian news source, published since 1981.

NBC News

National Public Radio 

PBS Online NewsHour 

Reuters News Agency 

Time Magazine


United Press International is an independent news wire service.  Read the many stories, by respected reporters and journalists, that you may never otherwise hear or see in the nation's media. (Used to be free - now requires membership fee.)

USA Today

Wall Street Journal 

Washington Week in Review 

Washington Post

World Newspapers

World newspapers, magazines, and news sites in English.


News Library

This fee service is a resource for previously published articles from most of the major newspapers across the country - an excellent research tool.

Political News

Political news links…..

Left, right & center - links to columnists and media - political and humor - get all sides of the issues.  

This Nation

Guide to American government and politics.